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Bandit Crankbaits are some of the most popular crankbaits with experienced anglers for a reason - and it's not just because they are one of the most affordable crankbaits on the market. Featuring a compact shad-shape, with a wide wobble and loud internal rattles, the Bandit Crankbaits have all of the fish attracting features available in a crankbait. Combined with infinite color schemes to match to your local forage, there is a Bandit Crankbait for your situation.

Each lure is made with state-of-the-art molding, premium grade plastics and multi-coat gloss paint. Precise construction is why Bandit Crankbaits run true right out of the box with no tweaks necessary. Super durable as well, you can bounce it off of every rock, stump or branch you see and it will still look good and swim like it's supposed to. Match up a Bandit Crankbait Series with the depth you want, a color scheme for where you're fishing - and go catch some fish.

Bandit Length Weight Dive Depth Class
Series 100 2" 1/4 oz. 2-5 ft. Floating
Series 200 2" 1/4 oz. 4-8 ft. Floating
Series 300 2" 3/8 oz. 8-12 ft. Floating