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The new Hollow Belly Frog, a soft-bodied topwater morsel that “walks the dog” easily and promises an unusually high hookup percentage. Frogs continue to excel in heavy vegetation, but over the last decade their use has expanded significantly, and no self-respecting angler leaves home without one tied on.

South Carolina pro Brandon Cobb, a two-time Elite Series champion during his inaugural season on the Bassmaster Elite Series, said being able to keep a frog active but in place is critical when big bass are wary.

“The Hollow Belly Frog is at its best when it’s fished slowly,” he explained. “It has a third ‘tail’ between the two skirted legs that provide for a more methodical walking action and make it easy to walk.”

The six proven colors meet a wide variety of water colors and forage bases. Cobb said it can easily replicate bluegills, shad, and of course amphibians, and with its larger profile and “big solid hooks”, it will allow anglers to tempt the largest bass around.

  • Size = 3.5 inches
  • Weight = 7/8 oz
  • Third tail between the legs makes it easier to “walk the dog”
  • Soft-bodied topwater bait
  • Unusually high hookup percentage