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13 Fishing Dual Pitch

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The Dual Pitch Hard Bait is a versatile walking lure that features two rattle chambers for a unique and attractive sound. In addition, it is made with strong nose buoyancy that resists diving in choppy waters and a tungsten weight transfer system for longer casts. The 13 Fishing® Dual Pitch Hard Bait has a tapered tail and Mustad KVD triple grip trebles for an increased hookup ratio.


  • Versatile walking lure
  • Can be walked fast or slow for 180° turns or tight snaps to leave a bubble trail that simulates prey
  • Dual rattle chambers synchronize to create a unique sound
  • Large head chamber amplifies a higher pitch with stainless steel sounding
  • Smaller rear chamber produces deeper pitch
  • Strong nose buoyancy resists diving in choppy water
  • Tungsten weight transfer system for longer casts
  • Mustad KVD triple grip trebles
  • HD holographic eye
  • Tapered tail for increased hookup ratio