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13 Fishing Ninja Craw

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Slip through cover like an assassin and catch unsuspecting bass with the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Craw. Molded with a streamlined body shape that slides through holes in vegetation with ease, the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Craw is equipped with multiple side legs and two large ninja tails that produce an incredibly quick kicking action and buzzing vibration that will catch bass off guard and trigger an aggressive reaction strike. 

To increase rigging durability and hook setting performance, the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Craw features a specially designed grip pin that firmly holds onto the shank of your hook to prevent the bait from sliding down and getting ribbed or fouled around the hook point. It is also molded with a hook slot that protects the hook point from catching any kind of vegetation and to increase hook penetration for more positive hook ups. Lastly, it is infused with Donkey Sauce attractant to stimulate even more bites and make fish hold on longer so that you have more time to set the hook as well. Fish it on your favorite jig, Texas-rig, or Carolina-rig, the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Craw will become your new secret weapon.