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13 Fishing Ninja Worm

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Offering ninja-like agility, the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Worm delivers an enticing swimming action that is designed to trigger the predatory instinct of fish. Made from a durable material, the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Worm features a specialized tail, which produces a twisting tail action that rotates 2-3 times in one direction before the elasticity of the soft plastic material kicks it back the other direction. It also features a segmented body that allows the back half to sway back and forth with the tail spin. Heavy ribbing along the body is similar to a bendy straw and allows for maximum water displacement and vibration as well. 

Great for a range of techniques, the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Worm is most effective on a Texas-rig with a steady retrieve and fished through shallow water vegetation. But it is also a top choice for Carolina-rigs, split shots, and shaky heads. Infused with Donkey Sauce for an added level of attraction, the 13 Fishing Ninja Tail Ninja Worm is an innovative worm design that will become a mainstay among avid anglers everywhere