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13 Fishing The Churro

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As tasty as the Mexican delicacy they are named after, the 13 Fishing Churro Swimbait not only looks appealing, but it performs even better. The Churro Swimbait is molded with a star shaped body and horizontal ribbing, which acts as a weedguard by keep the hook point below the outer profile of the bait and provide enhanced stability to prevent the body from spinning out of control at high speeds. The Churro Swimbait also features a thin boot tail design that generates a twisting and flapping flutter while two segment breaks along the body create maximum body roll. 

Fish it on a jighead, screw lock hook, umbrella rig, or a vibrating jig, the Churro Swimbait is extremely versatile and is well suited for a wide range of applications. Perfect for any time you are trying to mimic a small baitfish, the 13 Fishing Churro Swimbait is available in a wide selection of highly realistic colors that will match the hatch on any body of water.