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Strike King 3X Z Too

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The 3X line of lures from Strike King Lure Company is simply unbelievable! They are made with Cyber Flexxx™, a proprietary crystal gel compound that is covered by four United States patents and have been in development for over three years. Strike King is proud to introduce the new and revolutionary 3X product line.

The durability of the 3X product causes there to be fewer broken tails and legs due to short-striking fish, small fish nibbling on the lure, getting hung up, etc. An additional advantage is being able to spend more time fishing rather than digging around in your tackle box for a replacement and having to rig a new lure.

Secondly, the material is extremely soft. The durability previously mentioned would be useless if the bait did not feel real to the fish. 3X products are softer and more supple than soft plastic baits which give them the realistic feel and this creates additional action from the slightest twitch or motion of the rod tip.

A third reason is that the material has floatation qualities that are greater than traditional soft plastics. This gives 3X an enhanced action that attracts more fish. This is especially true when Carolina rigging. The 3X lures will actually float up off of the bottom and look much more alive than plastic lures. This buoyant property is even an advantage when Texas rigging because when paused the tail will be more alive and tend to "drift up" like a natural bait does as it feeds on the bottom or on a submerged bush or stump.

So what does all this mean? Extra fish! Strike King's new 3X line of lures will help you catch more fish. Try them out for yourself and see how the strength, softness, and buoyancy will revolutionize your soft bait fishing. Model: 3XZTOO, 4 per pack.