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Big Bite Baits Biobait Finesse Worm

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Biobait is a formula that releases scent at a higher rate than traditional plastic baits; the ingredients are naturally derived, biodegradable, and will not shrink or dry out when exposed to air. Biobait soft plastics are marinated in naturally derived fish attractants and is biodegradable. Biobait releases scent into the water at a much higher rate than traditional plastic. There are no fish repelling chemicals within the bait, therefore fish bite it and wont let go.

Big Bite Baits has partnered with BASS pro Jeff Kriet to develop the Kriet Tail Worm. The Kriet Tail Worm is designed with a stickworm style body and a special tail that swims at any speed. The Kriet Tail Worm excels when fished in grass, wood or ledges.

"This is the best worm that I have ever used". -Jeff Kriet