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Bobby Garland Mo Glo Baby Shad

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Brighten your slab slaying prospects with the Bobby Garland Mo' Glo™ Baby Shad crappie baits featuring a super-glow formulation for irresistible appeal. Ideal for low light conditions, stained water or when a slow bite dictates a different look, the Mo Glo Baby Shad offer plump-profiled bodies that taper down to an enticing, high-action spear-shaped tail that doesn't stop dancing. The Mo' Glo Baby Shad's glow along with its non-stop movement create a look that's sure to turn slow slab days into memorable ones. Length: 2''. 18 pack.

In daylight and normal fishing conditions, the Mo' Glo colors are bright and normal-looking. In low light conditions and darkness, each Mo' Glo color combination emits its own unique glow-tone and ghostly silhouette which increases visibility and effectiveness.