Booyah Toadrunner

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A quiet morning, a perfect cast, and suddenly the slop explodes like a bombshell. That's the Booyah™ Toadrunner topwater doing its thing, forcing a violent reaction from the biggest bass in the jungle. This unorthodox soft frog is built to stir things up with its lifelike molded body, short fiber legs that never stop thrashing, and clear jointed tail section that rotates 360° and sends out a wild plopping sound that calls bass in from a distance. Stabilizing side rails provide perfect balance as the Toadrunner moves across the surface, and a molded-in wire allows you to tweak the tail angle for different sound and swim as needed. Burn it in, or stop-n-start like a standard frog; its weedless design includes dual high-quality hooks for positive sets.

  • Unorthodox frog produces explosive topwater action
  • Lifelike molded soft-plastic body
  • High action short fiber legs
  • Clear rotating tail section creates wild plopping sounds
  • Molded side rails for stability
  • Bendable, molded-in tail wire for different sound and swim
  • Weedless design
  • Dual high-quality hooks for positive sets