Coghlan's 450 Camp Heat

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Easily provide cooking power while camping with this Coghlan's 450 Camp Heat. It is suitable for use around the home, during emergencies or while exploring the wilderness. This odorless Coghlan's camp heat emits non-toxic fumes and has the ability to burn continuously for up to four hours per unit. The package contains two cans which can be used to provide light or be used as a source of energy to cook eggs, bacon, beans and corn bread outdoors. Product contains diethylene glycol. 
Coghlan's 450 Camp Heat:
  • For cooking or heating at camp, home or in emergencies
  • Odorless, non-toxic fumes
  • Cooking camp heat provides approximately 4 hours of burn timer per can
  • Contains two 6.4 oz cans diethylene glycol
  • Carded
  • Can be used as a light source
  • Suitable for providing energy for heating and cooking meals