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Evergreen Shower Blow

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The pencil popper that other companies are still trying to copy, the Evergreen International Shower Blows is one of the best kept secrets in professional bass fishing. Whether you like a spitting, bubbling chug or a wide, dog walking action, this pencil bait does it all. Even on days when bass aren't smashing topwater plugs, they’ll eat the Evergreen Shower Blows. Its built-in tungsten weight system creates a loud fish attracting knock as well as top-class casting capabilities, and it also comes equipped with a rear feather hook for additional fish attracting action. Give Evergreen Shower Blows a try. You won't be disappointed. Produced by M. Shimizu.

Evergreen International is one of Japan's premier tackle company. Hard to find outside of Japan, they have still become world-renowned for their high quality baits that have been proven to out catch competitors offerings.

Evergreen Length Weight Class
Shower Blows 105 4-1/8" 9/16oz Topwater
Shower Blows 125 4-7/8" 15/16oz Topwater