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Gamakatsu G Finesse Swivel Shot Dropshot Hook

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The highly anticipated Gamakatsu Swivel Shot G-Finesse Hooks have finally arrived. Designed and tested with the help of FLW Tour pro, Shinichi Fukae, the Swivel Shot Hooks eliminate line twist commonly associated with drop shotting and also vastly improve rigging efficiency. Gamakatsu’s revolutionary new "Twist-Free" design features a premium swivel above the hook to counteract the tendency of a drop shot hook to twist up, especially when fighting fish, and the hook, a super-sharp Gamakatsu offset point Octopus hook, is strong enough to winch big bass out of the slop.

The "Easy-Change" weight system below the hook also greatly improves rigging efficiency, allowing you to easily adjust leader length and change out tangled leaders without retying your rig. Without a doubt the Gamakatsu Swivel Shot G-Finesse Hook is an enormous leap forward in drop shot fishing. Maximize your efficiency on the water, spend less time tying and re-tying, and land more fish with the Gamakatsu Swivel Shot G-Finesse Hook.