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Hunter's Specialties Scent-A-Way Spray

$ 9.99

15.5oz Earth Continuous Spray

Make it easy to keep odor control at hand with Hunter's Specialties® Scent-A-Way™ Continuous Spray. This easy-to-apply spray combines four key elements to help prevent and control odor through molecular conversion, oxidizing, bonding, and neutralizing odor. Safe on all materials, this all natural, environmentally friendly spray won't harm your skin and won't stain or fade clothing. The 15.5 oz. bottle delivers a continuous spray, even when used upside down, for fast, even coverage.

  • Easy to apply, spray-on odor control
  • Four-step odor control
  • All natural, environmentally friendly formula
  • Won't stain or fade clothing
  • Helps reduce odors; does not guarantee 100% odor elimination
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