Zoom Fluke Stick

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Soft plastic stickbaits and jerkbaits are two of the most popular items amongst bass fishermen, with nary a respectable tackle box being caught without one or both year-round. The reason for their popularity is simple: soft plastic stickbaits and jerkbaits catch fish, and lots of them.

It’s little surprise, then, that Zoom found a way to blend both bait styles to create a lure that will catch fish under nearly any conditions, any time of the year.

The new Zoom 6.25-inch Fluke Stick has a forked tail and ribbed body, which work in unison to create dynamic action, even on slack line.

When fished weightless with a light-wire hook, the heavy-salt lure has a shimmying, gliding action akin to a stickbait. When twitched, however, it acts much like a ZOOM Super Fluke, but more of a rolling, darting, erratic action. It really is two baits in one allowing an angler to change up how it’s fished even during the same cast.

For example, you can make a cast and allow it to fall along a piece of cover without imparting any additional action. Then, if there are no takers, an angler can twitch the lure near the surface back to the boat.

The hybrid lure is a doozy when fished on a drop shot as well, for the tail slithers back and forth from the pressure of the water alone. 10 per pack.