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Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook

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The recent regulation changes in the Northern California Salmon fishery and the sudden popularity of circle hooks have resulted in an expanded line of the new Octopus Circle hook from Gamakatsu.

True to its name, the Octopus Circle hook boasts all of the advantages of a Gamakatsu Octopus hook but with the added bonus of a high percentage self-setting hook-up ratio. When taken deep in the mouth or throat of fish, this hook will slide forward until it reaches the shelf area of the mouth where it will then rotate itself into position, usually in the corner of the jaw. This results in a solid hook up and reduces the number of fish harmed by taking a hook too deep.

Like the standard Octopus hook, this hook has an up eye for snelling. The super sharp "hang nail" point is set at a 90 degree angle from the shank of the hook and is offset. Previously only available in larger sizes (1/0-8/0), the expanded size range comes in sizes 8 through 8/0.