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Gamakatsu Skip Gap Shaky Head

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Gamakatsu has always been known for its innovative and functional hook designs, and for 2009 it is no different! Whatever you want to call it, the Jig head or Shakey head style of fishing is quickly becoming a popular and very effective way of finesse fishing for bass, and fishermen around the country have taken to it quite well! Gamakatsu has developed its own jighead called the “Skip Gap Shaky Head”. Sound a little familiar? It should, based on the “Skip Gap” worm hook introduced a few years ago. The “Skip Gap Shaky Head” has the same unique bend that holds your bait securely to the hook, and that is what is so innovative about this new jighead. You’ll have the confidence knowing that there are no oversized barbs that can tear apart a small finesse worm. The unique bend lends itself to simplicity and less worry than the spring style retainers have of being bent, or miss-aligned and having too bend it back into place with the potential of breaking it off rendering that jighead useless. Gamakatsu’s new “Skip Gap Shaky Head” has solved all those problems with this new innovative design! 4 per pack.