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Gene Larew Biffle Bug

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The Gene Larew Biffle Bug incorporates the best features of several top baits into one compact design. The Biffle Bug's body is slim yet wide, and covered with concentric ridges. The first 3/4 inch of the Biffle Bug is solid for hook support, while the rest of its body is hollow like a tube. The cavity is oval, not round, better fitting the shape of the body and also serving to hold a rattle in place simply through natural compression. The Biffle Bug's hyper-active swimming legs feature a special foot-pad to make them come alive with the slightest movement.

Pinch the legs off and the Biffle Bug becomes the perfect glide bait. The cupped tail provides unmatched action to the lure's descent. Although more compact and streamlined with the legs removed, the Biffle Bug retains an enticing profile that screams "easy meal."