Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig

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Combining a snack-size profile with handcrafted quality, the Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig is a sure way to not only find a limit but stick a kicker-fish as well. Designed around an Arky-style head, the Little Rubber Jig is built for versatility, with its ability to crawl over and through complex cover without constantly hanging up. To further enhance its effectiveness around cover, it boasts a sturdy weedguard that is built to shed vegetation yet collapse easily to not compromise a hookset. In addition to the meticulously tailored weedguard, it also features a hand-tied rubber skirt that is expertly accentuated with silicone skirting material. To keep your favorite trailer securely fastened, the jig sports a barb keeper system durably molded around the hook’s shank. Backed by a supremely sharp hook for smooth setting performance, the Greenfish Tackle Little Rubber Jig is sure to find its way onto Jig Rods all-season long.