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Mantis Lures Sting'R Carolina Rig Weight

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Mantis Lures is excited to put in the angler's hand a unique Carolina Rig weight that is going to catch you more fish. The bottom heavy design keeps the hook that is molded in the weight upright at all times. The grooves on the bottom of the weight keeps your weight tracking true even when pulling through heavy cover without the constant hang-ups. The VMC Drop shot premium hook is ergonomically molded in the weight, so that when a fish strikes your weight, it is going to get stuck “period”. Born with a weed guard to help protect the hook point and to assist in keeping your weight from hanging up on the bottom and while pulling it through heavy cover. The impact resistance powder paint coating that surrounds all Sting’ R weights, protects the bait from those vicious fish strikes. Remember… Fish Prey On Mantis!

The Sting’ R is a one of a kind design that will:

•Catch those fish that strike your weight.
•Add another hook to your Carolina Rig system.
•Give you an alternative to the traditional Carolina Rig weight.
•Bottom line put more fish in your boat.