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Northland Buck Shot Rattles

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The BUCK-SHOT® RATTLE SHELLS are the most versatile and deadly rattle ever developed for fishing lures! They are designed with a patented "silicone ring" that can be attached to the shoulder of any jig, hook, spinnerbait or spoon to emit sonic "rattlin" vibrations to attract fish...and trigger strikes! The rattle shell is loaded with "buck-shot" and thumps, ticks, clicks and clatters when jigged to imitate schools of darting baitfish...and crawfish on the rocks. "It rings the dinner belt!"

 "Single Barrel" - BR1
The BUCK-SHOT® RATTLE SHELL " Single Barrel" series can be attached to the shoulder of any jig head, spinnerbait, spoon, buz-bait, flippin' jig or treble hook to add sonic rattlin' vibrations that lures fish and trigger strikes. 5 per pack

"Double Barrel" - BR2
The BUCK-SHOT® RATTLE SHELL "Double-Barrel" series has two thumping rattles and can be attached to the shoulder of any jig head, spinnerbait or flippin' jig to add sonic " rattlin'" vibration that lures fish & provoke strikes. 3 per pack

"Single Barrel Rattle Strap" - BRS
The BUCK-SHOT® RATTLE STRAP can be attached to any jig head, flippin' jig, spinnerbait, buzzer or spoon. It features a noisy rattle shell with a flexible silicone arm that drags behind over rocks & logs to provide sonic "rattlin'" vibration fish can't resist! 4 per pack

"Double Barrel Rattle Claw" - BRC
The BUCK-SHOT® RATTLE CLAW features flexible "double barrel" crawfish arms, designed to be attached to the shoulder of any jig head, flippin' jig, spinnerbait or buzzer to imitate a real crawfish. It adds sonic "rattlin" vibration to lure fish from a wide radius and provoke bone-crushing strikes!