Owner Offset Worm Wide Gap

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Owner's unique triple-edged Cutting Point™ hooks are engineered for maximum penetration. Conventional hooks are typically stamped to a pyramid point or ground to a pencil-type point and, by design, encounter more friction and resistance the deeper they penetrate. With the Cutting Point's triple-edged blade, the amount of resistance actually decreases as the hook penetrates. Prove it to yourself by pulling an Owner hook through a matchbook cover – it grabs and slices quickly and cleanly, right through the material. Around the fish's mouth, the same needle-sharp point grabs quickly, and as it penetrates, the three cutting edges slice their way through the toughest scales, cartilage and even jawbones for a positive, effortless hook-set. Best of all, Owner hooks never need sharpening. The offset shank boasts a worm-holding 90° bend and a long shank for easy, straight rigging of worms, lizards and other slender-bodied plastics. Corrosion-resistant black chrome finish.