Plano Edge Terminal 3700

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The ultimate fishing tackle organizer box Plano Edge 3700 terminal uses a variety of different technologies to solve every major problem anglers encounter on the water. You can now prolong the life of your tackle by using an organizer fishing box that is better in every single way. A completely customizable organization system using lift out boxes. There are 16 boxes in total, three boxes being specifically for weights using high-density foam to eliminate the rattling within the organizer box. This box is completely water-resistant using an O-ring seal and restrictor technology to give 360 degrees of rust and water protection.

All Features:
  • Weight: 949g
  • 16 lift out boxes
  • EZ Label™
  • Includes a Water Wick™
  • Dri-Loc® O-ring seal
  • Rustrictor™ technology
  • 3 Weight boxes with high density foam