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Pure Poison Hawg Dawg

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Chug walk walk...Chug walk walk...Chug  (pause)....Chug...Chug...KABOOOOM!!! 


Nothing beats topwater bassin... For decades East Tennessee anglers relied upon  venerable chugging baits like this one to take huge stringers.  Then for unknown reasons the manufacturers of these baits elected to discontinue the wooden originals that fished so well.   Anglers in the know carefully protected the remaining stocks, bought every one they could find regardless of color or condition, at ridiculous prices...Then years later the manufacturers brought back the baits styles in cheaper plastic forms... mostly made in far away places overseas...and though the names were the same, the performance was not... Thats where we came in.  

The Hawg Dawg as we affectionally call it, is hand made of ultra modern composite materials, improving durability, strength and longevity over prolonged use, but it retains the best characteristics of the wooden originals.  It floats high like the good ones, and when it's time to "walk the dog"  this dawg really hunts because it walks like a spook.  Since baitfish don't contain rattles, neither does this bait.  We opted for a natural splooshing sound that mimics panicked bait fish on the run. Realistic 3D dome eyes give it a more natural appearence and it's coated with a durable epoxy based finish.  The Hawg dog is armed with a  #4 KVD Short Shank Triple Grip Treble on the rear and a #2 on the front...translation,... when they munch on it...game over...

To maximize effectiveness of the bait, we recommend a short rod, six feet or less, with as short a handle as you can tolerate,  no heavier than medium action, with a very fast tip,  monofilament line or light braid.. 

Available in a wide selection of unique colors from mild to wild, we are certain this bait will become a mainstay in your topwater arsenal.