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Pure Poison Smashmouth Football Jig

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We make the meanest, nastiest,  lip sticking, check winning, football head jig in the industy, period..  Don't believe it?  Ask any of the legions of professional, collegiate, high school, and weekend competitive anglers who have changed to our brand of products because of this jig.  Our smashmouth football head has a number unique design features that make it stand upright with minimal rod movement,  and strike like a thunderbolt when you set the hook.  Every smashmouth jig is made with a 2x forged, chemically sharpened black nickle Mustad EWG hook to assure you put steel in his mouth when Mr. Toad inhales this jig.  This jig has produced big paychecks for a number of anglers on every professional circuit that matters and has won several major College events since it's introduction 2 years ago.   So next time you cast for cash better have these in your arsenal because you can rest assured your competitors who are in the know do.

Head colors are color coordinated with skirt colors based on extensive test fishing results.

Product sold in bags of 3.