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Pure Poison Warhead Jig Pro Model

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When our original Warhead Jig hit the pages of Bassmaster Magazine the response from customers nationwide was overwhelming.   Since that time this jig has become one of our signature baits.   At Pure Poison Jig Company we have a philosphy of never being satisfied with the status quo.  We took one of our best and made it better.  The Warhead Pro line is built off the same platform as our now infamous slow falling Warhead Jig.   It also features airbrush paint finishes in natural schemes and a durable epoxy based coating that make it even tougher than the orginal.  It falls slightly faster than the original (approximately one foot every 3 seconds dependent upon water temp and lines used).  It also can be fished deeper,  something the original was not made for. The Warhead Pro uses a razor sharp 6/0 EWG Mustad Hook and a bulky skirt just like the original.  This version excels when used in heavy cover such as grasslines and weed beds, and provokes finicky fish with it's slow fall rate, which allows the angler to flip or cast in and swim it out.  When combined with our floating plastics this bait falls even more slowly and is simply lethal on big bass.  The new version swims even smoother than the original. It sneaks through cover because of it's light weight and avoids snags unlike traditional jigs.   It skips like a stone for reaching those hard to reach places where "big uns"  hide.  You can punish it, pound it off rock, docks, wood, and grind it on hard bottoms without worry.  The unique metal free, composite resin composition of the head is same as the original.  It is available in colors you can't find anywhere but here.  If you liked the original Warheads, you will love this one.