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The Ned Fox Tail is the most effective Ned Rig bait ever made. Mimicking both a worm and crawfish ribbed bodies, combined with the finesse action embedded lifelike hair, it's buoyant construction brings it to life as it gently glides to the bottom or is jigged, causing the hair to quiver, float or glide depending on the movement you provide. Even at rest the finesse action hair is still moving and attracting a savage strike!
Ned Fox Tail: Features
-Compact and lifelike 3.5" baitfish imitation has proprietary embedded fur which attracts more fish and is ideal for Ned rig applications.
-Natural and Biodegradable finess action hair color combination that quivers and moves at the slightest twitch
-Buoyant lifelike body floats at rest while the hair keeps moving for an irresistible bite 
-Scent impregnated so fish hold on longer
-Thick body for easy rigging on any variety of jig heads and  Rabid Ned rig
-Ideal multispecies bait for a variety of freshwater and saltwater applications
-Ideal trailer for small skirted jigs
-6 baits per pack
-Made in USA