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Hale Lure Stanley Jigs 6" Sidetrac Mud Puppy

$ 4.99

Designed by former tournament angler Robert Hale, the Sidetrac Mud Puppy from Stanley Jigs® allows you to control the direction the lure will track, depending on the placement of the hook. An exclusive appendage called the "Action Maker" accounts for the lure's unique tracking action. When the Action Maker is to the left of the hook shank, the lure will track to the right. When the Action Maker is to the right of the hook shank, the lure tracks to the left. This tracking action allows the lure to track underneath docks, over-hanging limbs, and other obstructions. Consequently, the Sidetrac Mud Puppy will virtually fish around stumps and trees. Instead of casting and retrieving this lure, the Sidetrac Mud Puppy should be fished with a gently twitch and pause retrieve to achieve the desired track. The lure may also be fished on a Carolina rig with the Action Maker, and has an unbelievable action when fished in a "dead stick" mode.

  • Exclusive Action Maker appendage
  • Tracks underneath docks and overhanging limbs
  • Fishes around stumps and trees
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