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Strike King 5" 3X Zulu

$ 3.56

Soft Baits Use stock number and color number when ordering. Specifications subject to change without notice. Soft Jerkbaits, the ZULU and ZTOO: These minnow shaped lures are tremendous fish catchers.  The ZULU is not salt impregnated so it floats extremely well, even with a large hook.  It is great as a topwater “walk-the-dog” and twitch type of lure.  It can be rigged weedless and fished over matted grass with great success and is fantastic in open water for schooling fish.  It casts well and presents a more subtle action than a hard plastic top water lure.  On a jig head it really stands up and can also be effectively Carolina rigged.  The Redfish Magic saltwater model’s durability (page 55) makes this the best minnow bait there is to use for the tough and toothy critters in the sea. The ZTOO is impregnated with salt so it is less buoyant.  It fishes more like a traditional soft plastic jerkbait and the rate of sink can be varied by the size and weight of the hook.  It is the favorite of many anglers and drop-shotting - you can nose hook it and it won't tear! The most common way to rig these is weightless Texas style.  Popular hooks are Mustad’s Ultra Lock™ and VMC’s Special Rig’n hook.  These have an exaggerated “Z” bend in the front which holds the bait on better than hooks with a 90 degree bend . A z-bend hook holds the bait on better. ZULU ZTOO
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