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Strike King Chick Magnet Jr

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Based on MLF Pro Andy Morgan’s custom homemade crankbaits, the Chick Magnet Jr features a flat-sided body, circuit board lip and the all the features Andy prescribed. The result is a tight wobble with the perfect amount of thump. This action, combined with Strike King’s vivid colors, make the Chick Magnet Jr the perfect go-to bait for cranking shallow cover in cool water.

  • The Strike King’s Chick Magnet Jr is a 1/4-ounce crankbait that is designed to dive 2-4 feet.

  • The Chick Magnet Jr is a flat-sided crankbait and modeled after the iconic hand-carved balsa baits that were made famous by homemade lure craftsmen of East Tennessee. The original Chick Magnet, introduced by Strike King, won the “Best of Category” Award at the 2021 ICAST tradeshow.

  • While keeping the action of the hand-carved balsa baits, the Chick Magnet Jr is engineered to be more durable than a wooden bait and cast farther with ease.

  • Strike King’s Chick Magnet Jr can be fished successfully in a variety of conditions in every season of the year, though it excels in cooler or stained water due to its action and heavy displacement of water. It is also an exceptional bait when fish are preparing to spawn in the Spring.