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Strike King Drop Shot Half Shell

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Serving em’ up on the Half Shell!

When Strike King introduced the Dream Shot into the dropshot category, it changed the game. It has a very sleek profile and is super-soft to really offer tremendous action. Well, just as a carpenter needs more than one tool to do a job, a proficient dropshotter does as well. Born out of the collaborative knowledge of Kevin VanDam and Mark Zona, welcome to the unique and all-new Drop Shot Half Shell!

"The new Half Shell was created with the intent of being uniquely different than the Dream Shot, but equally as effective," says 22-Time Bassmaster Champion, Kevin VanDam. "Due to the profile and consistency of the Half Shell, it offers a very erratic darting action that fish can’t resist. It has a bulky profile and a flat bottom that not only affects the action, it also ensures that it will always stand horizontal on your dropshot rig. Zona and I also really dialed in the colors. Between the profile, action and color, the Half Shell just might become your new favorite dropshot bait!" adds KVD.

The new Drop Shot Half Shell is 3.5” long and is offered in 16 exquisite colors, including some beautiful laminates that incorporate Strike King's new Open Pour Technology (OPT). Strike King's Open Pour Technology allows the baits to now have up to three colors and in more exciting color combinations than EVER imagined!


  • Model: DSHS3.5
  • Size: 3.5"
  • 9 pack