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Strike King Mr Crappie 2" Slabalicious

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Regardless of whether you are crappie fishing for fun or food, your goal is to catch as many as possible. The new Slabalicious from Mr. Crappie by Strike King will ensure that you do just that!

“Our all-new Slabalicious is jam-packed full of action! It is a swimbait style design that has proven itself extremely effective on every game fish that swims, but this one has specifically designed to catch crappie,” Wally says.

"The profile of this bait coupled with its awesome tail action is engineered to take advantage of a crappie’s predatory nature. When you bring a Slabalicious anywhere near a big crappie, the visual appeal and vibration are more than they can stand!”

The all new Slabalicious is a “paddle-tail” crappie swimbait that is 2” long and will be offered in 17 slab-slamming colors. 15 per pack.