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Strike King Rage Twin Tail Menace Worm

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One of the most explosive, highest action worms in the Strike King line-up. The Rage Menace Worm hits the water with six inches of fury and dynamic movement. The Strike King Rage Menace Worm is a 6” plastic worm designed with two Rage Flange tails that swim with realistic movement and appearance. With a twin-style tail, it offers twice the action and results in a proven fish catcher. This worm is exceptional when Texas-rigged, fished behind a Carolina rig, bounced across the bottom or danced through cover. It is a fantastic soft plastic for maintaining contact with rocky bottoms, pitching around docks, or swimming through patches of grass and other vegetation. Strike King offers the Rage Menace Worm in 12 lifelike colors that mimic natural forage like crayfish, bluegill, and shad.

  • UNBELIEVABLE SWIMMING ACTION: The Rage Flange of the Strike King Rage Menace Worm features a unique and exclusive design, giving the tail of the worm a swimming action that entices strong reaction bites and drives fish wild
  • EASY RIGGING: Each Strike King Rage Menace Worm is pre-rigged with a narrow hook cavity that allows the angler to easily hook the body of the lure in a straight, natural manner, allowing for a more realistic swimming action and powerful, effective hooksets
  • VARIETY: The Twin Tail Cut-R Worm can be crawled slowly across the bottom for finicky, lethargic fish, hopping and pausing erratically. Because of the swimming action of is twin tail, it is also ideal when active, hard striking fish call for a fast-moving presentation
  • LIFE-LIKE COLORS: Strike King offers the Rage Menace Worm in a 6-inch body and in 12 enticing colors that mimic natural prey. Fish natural lifelike colors when fishing clear water, and choose darker colors for fishing low light conditions or in stained water
  • MULTIPLE STYLES: The Strike King Rage Menace Worm is ideal for a Texas rig or Carolina rig for a weedless application around heavy cover or rock, and works exceptionally well when swimming a lure through thick vegetation