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Strike King Shim E Stick

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The Strike King Perfect Plastic Shim E Stick features Strike King's exclusive super soft and super salty plastic blend. This formulation provides a perfect rate of fall and the seductive "shimmy" action from which the Shim-E-Stick gets its name. In addition to the super soft plastic, the salt system of the Shim E Stick contributes to the weight and characteristic action of the Shim E Stick and imitates the prey on which bass feed. Shad and other baitfish have a salt component to their blood, so when the bass bite down on the salty, soft plastic of the Shim-E-Stick, the taste and feel causes them to hold on longer - giving you more time to feel the bite and set the hook. A great alternative to the popular Senko, try the Strike King Perfect Plastic Shim-E-Stick Texas-rigged, weightless or wacky style. You'll be impressed and so will your wallet.