Strike King

Strike King Silent Series 5

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Each bait in the Pro-Model line of crankbaits is designed to perform a specific task. From shallow to deep, with tight, medium, or wide wobbles, these pro-designed baits will outcast, outperform, and simply outfish any other crankbait in most every situation. The Pro-Model’s designs have simple, yet fish-catching features - from free-floating rattle chambers (which allow for numerous sound frequencies) to 3D “look-alive” eyes, to integral flat surfaces that send out shack waves in the deeper-depth models. Yet, with all of these features and the beautiful chip-resistant chameleon coat finish, the Strike King Pro-Model crankbait is considerably less expensive than the competition.

Series 5 (HC5) - 5/8oz. - 4" - Dives to 10+ feet
A medium-sized body with a medium wobble and medium buoyancy, The Series 5 has a 2° diving plane to allow for lengthened casts and deeper depths. The “Go-To” crankbait for many Touring Pro’s.