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Z-Man BatwingZ

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Featuring uniquely textured, buoyant ElaZtech pinchers that float up off the bottom, BatwingZ jig trailers accurately mimic the natural defensive posture of a crawfish and turn any jig into the perfect stand-up jig. The versatile body shape allows for various rigging methods, and 10X Tough ElaZtech durability keeps you fishing during a hot bite rather than searching for a replacement jig trailer.


  • Textured claws give the BatwingZ a natural, three-dimensional look and pair perfectly with new Project Z jigs
  • Unique body shape is perfect for rigging either by threading or hanging on all popular jig hook styles
  • Buoyancy of ElaZtech material floats claws off the bottom, reduces snags, and increases visibility and strike profile of all jigs
  • Outlasts other jig trailers, thanks to 10X Tough ElaZtech construction Material is softer and more supple than other jig trailers, creating more lifelike action in the water
  • Offered in 2.75" (6 PER PACK) and 3.5" (5 PER PACK) sizes to cover all jig fishing applications, from small finesse jigs to the bulkiest and heaviest football jigs