Zoom Z-Craw Jr

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When high activity is required to draw strikes, reach for a Zoom® Z-Craw or, for finesse work, a Z-Craw Jr. With stocky deep-ribbed bodies, thin curled claws, and slowly waving antennae, this lifelike creature sends out plenty of attention-getting vibration and provides a realistic feel on the pickup. Zoom has built a hook channel into each bait to make Texas-style rigging easy. Great for pitchin' and flippin' to heavy cover, and also highly effective as a jig trailer in open water.

  • Stocky deep-ribbed body
  • Thin curled claws for maximum vibration
  • Realistic flexible antennae
  • Looks and feels real to feeding bass
  • Built-in hook channel
  • Pitch, flip, or pin to a jighead

Year after year, Zoom Baits remain the hottest soft plastics in bass fishing. Zoom softbaits are legendary for their uncanny fish-producing ability, and rare is the tournament angler who will leave the dock without a good supply in the boat. Wholly realistic, super-soft to the touch, and salt-impregnated, Zoom softbaits have the look, the action, and the flavor needed to make fish bite down hard, and fight to hang on. Made in USA.